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The Challenge

In 2015, the American Institute of Monterrey (AIM) already had 3 campuses with students from over 27 nationalities, and was a highly accredited private school in Mexico. Accredited by the NEASC in the U.S.A., by the CIS in Europe, an Apple Distinguished, Microsoft Showcase, and  UNESCO associate school. A top choice for the children of consuls and business executives.

At the time, AIM's highest grade was middle school, and the CEO wanted to expand to high school grades in anticipation of the school's 50th anniversary. The high school market, however, was dominated by 3 other high schools that every student was planning to attend.

APS new Cafeteria
Product Development Process for APS

Our Solution

We developed a brand new high school with a unique and innovative hands-on pedagogical model, and equipped with research and fabrication labs.

The new high school was designed not only to stand out from the current market leaders, but also to truly deliver a proper 21st century education.

The Results

The new high school, named AIM Preparatory School (APS), was successful in retaining middle school alumni and competing against the established local high schools.

Additionally, international organizations took notice, and AIM was purchased by the Inspired Network of international schools in 2019.

AIM inaugura su preparatorio APS
American Institute of Monterrey joins Inspired Network

Special Acknowledgements

Special thank you to these amazing people for their contributions to this endeavor:

Elizabeth Wagner Huergo (CEO), Shelagh Ryan (English Curriculum), Dr. Melva Martínez (Spanish Curriculum), Guadalupe González (Technology), Dave Arnold (Principal), Hilda Dávila (Accounting), Olga Guzman (Public Relations), Martha Aguiñaga (Operations), Martha Cruz (Admissions), Daniel Puga (Arts & Humanities), Lilian Figueroa (Architecture & Facilities), Leonor Salazar González (Curriculum), Alejandra Salazar (Admissions)

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