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The Challenge

In 2012, Lamar University did not have a game development program among its offered degrees. This was despite LU's proximity to Houston and Austin, Texas, cities that rank top in presence of game industry. LU has been around for a while, is not a small university, and constantly ranks top nationally in business and engineering fields. LU's partake in game development was overdue.


Our Solution

We conducted a mass-scale survey of 5 Texas school districts and gathered AIOs (attitudes, interests, and opinions) from more than 1,600 high school and middle school students, as well as 300 college students, and 100 university faculty members.

We then analyzed the data to find demographic and psychographic patterns, as well as market statistics.

The Results

The resulting data and analysis was instrumental in the establishment of LU's game development program within the Computer Science department. The program was launched in 2014, for which significant investment was made which included hiring new staff positions and furbishing a lab with high-spec Alienware computers.

LU's Game Development program continues to date.

game development concentration program.png

Special Acknowledgements

Special thank you to these amazing people for their contributions to this endeavor:

Dr. Timothy Roden and the CS department.

Dr. Kenneth Evans, Dr. Stephen Doblin, and the LU Administration department.

Dr. Kumer Pial Das, Dr. Edythe Kirk, Dr. Kabir Sen, Dr. Johnny Jarrell, Mr. O'Brien Stanley, Dr. Kay Abernathy, Dr. Cynthia Cummings, and all the supportive LU faculty.

Ms. Cynthia Laird (Nederland ISD), Ms. Dawn Helton (Silsbee ISD), Dr. Kimber Knight (Beaumont ISD), Mr. Kenneth Daigre, Ms. Melissa Oliva, and Ms. L. Chambers (PAISD), Ms. Carrie Martin (Bridge City ISD), and all the studets who participated in our market study.

Charles Bray, Josh Wilson, and Md Tom Islam for their amazing help with the surveying and research.

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