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Digital Business Innovation

We work closely with business stakeholders of every background and size, to help them solve business challenges and develop digital solutions.







Dougal Mac Gregor

Dougal Mac Gregor

Specialist in Digital Business Management & Innovation

Software Development & Business Management

Master of Digital Media | CDM; SFU, UBC, BCIT, ECUAD
B.Sc. in Communication | Lamar University

MarkStrat Business Simulation | Harvard Business School Programs
Various Certificates & Diplomas | Canada, USA, Mexico

Dougal has exceptional achievements both academically and professionally. Academically he has been recipient to a research grant and merit scholarships, member of national honor societies (USA), co-authored a research paper, and more. Professionally, he has worked 15+ years with business stakeholders of all sizes and diverse industries, and has been instrumental in the success of 7- and 8-digit investments, their respective return of investments and continued business growth.

Alfonso Mac Gregor

Specialist in Information Systems Management

Software Development & Corporate Integration

M.A. in Learning and Technology | Royal Roads University, CA
Master of Business Administration | ITESM, MX

Certificate in Business Administration | IPADE Business School, USA
B.Sc. in Information Systems and Administration  | ITESM, Mexico


Alfonso similarly has a wealth of experience both academically and professionally. Academically, he holds two Masters' degrees, and has experience being a teacher to students of all ages and backgrounds. Professionally, he has over three decades of experience working with multinational corporations traveling to different countries to provide workshops and training to executives, managers and personnel in diverse topics involving software adoption, operations, processes, and change management.

About Us


Some of the amazing people we work with


Francisco Hernández

Specialist in Software Solutions

Francisco has 10+ years of experience working with and leading teams in software development. He has experience providing digital solutions to a wide variety of projects and clients; from websites and mobile apps, to cloud management software and specialized software for hardwarde products such as Jukeboxes.

Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Gaona, CBCP

Specialist in Corporate Security & Intelligence

After almost three decades in the military, Col. Gaona retired from the Mexican Armed forces and then spent almost three more decades in the private sector.  He has worked directly with executives from multinationals providing vital expertise and leadership in all areas of security and crisis management.


Juan Luis Mac Gregor

Specialist in Branding & Consumer Marketing

Juan Luis has over two decades of experience working as marketing director for consumer brands in central America. A majority of that experience was as regional marketing director for Coca-Cola's beverage brands, one of the worlds' most successfully marketed consumer products, in Coca-Cola's most successful region.

Sarah Berriola

Specialist in Digital Image & UI-UX Design

Sarah has experience growing social media channels to thousands of followers in short periods of time, capturing and editing high-quality photos and videos, and designing stunningly clean and beautiful interfaces.


Success Stories

Some of our favorite success cases



Software for Proprietary Jukeboxes

2019 to Present

We helped ARION develop software solutions for their jukeboxes. ARION needed to develop proprietary codecs to protect the audio files played by their hardware, as well as a cloud management app. ARION contiues to date as a leader in the Jukebox market.

American Institute of Monterrey, MX

Invests in new High School Campus

2015 to Present

We worked with the directors of AIM to develop a brand new high school campus. Not only was the high school successful in retaining middle school alumni, but the new high school attracted the attetion of international organizations and was purchased.


Lamar University, U.S.A.

Invests in new Game Development Program

2012 to Present

We carried out a mass-scale survey and provided vital market data and statistical analysis, which was instrumental in persuading the university's administration to invest in a new game development lab and program.

Success Stories


Some of the brands we have worked with

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  • Dougal Mac Gregor LinkedIn
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